Wall Art - Aluminium Prints

Aluminium Prints

A modern, vibrant, eye-catching option for my wall art


Aluminium prints, professionally crafted in sizes up to 30"

Aluminium Prints are a more contemporary display product that I have carefully chosen to suit my photography. They offer deep, vibrant and punchy images - an ideal match to my style of artistic style. Any image from my carefully curated collections would truly stand out in making a real statement piece for any home or office.

They offer a more affordable and lightweight alternative to the high end acrylic wall art prints which I also offer. They still have a high-gloss, durable and waterproof finish, making it truly striking high definition wall display.

The aluminium prints are professionally produced by my partner UK photo lab who buy from sustainable wood and paper sources. These products are made to order, by hand, by their master craftsmen and women, in the UK.

Deep, vibrant and punchy images - an ideal match to my style of artistic style. 

Technical Details

Aluminium prints are expertly made through a sublimation process, my images are infused directly from sublimation paper onto specially coated sheets of ChromaLuxe aluminium photo panels with exceptional quality and resolution. Each panel is 1mm thick with rounded corners and supplied ready to hang, the hanger holds the print 15mm from the wall - creating a 'float' effect.

Production Times

These products are carefully and professionally printed (party by hand) and thoroughly inspected for optimum quality, as such they are not rushed! My lab generally produces my wall art prints in 10 working days, so allowing time for me to send the full resolution image to the lab, their processing and then delivery (via UK courier) it is safe to quote 14 working days for my wall art products. 


Aluminium prints, contemporary wall art 1mm thick metal, rounded corners and displayed 15mm from your wall for a 'float' effect.