Wall Art - Quartz Acrylic Prints

Acrylic  Prints

Modern, vibrant and eye-catching... the ultimate choice for my wall art

Acrylic Quartz Lite Example

Acrylic quartz prints, professionally crafted in sizes up to 30"

(image courtesy of One Vision Imaging)

The Quartz Acrylic Wall Art

The Quartz Acrylic is a stunning wall art product highly suited to my high contrast, punchy, vibrant photographic style. 

Prints are professionally printed on photographic paper and then encapsulated between two clear sheets of crystal clear acrylic. This crystal effect makes the photograph an incredibly eye-catching feature of any wall, and as the ambient light reflects through the perspex it gives an almost 'glowing' effect, bringing the gallery to your own wall! 

Quartz Acrylic... the ultimate showpiece product for my wall art

Technical Details

The Quartz Acrylic is a single Fuji DPII photographic print, encapsulated between two clear sheets of crystal grade acrylic (2mm front and 3mm back), giving an overall thickness of 5mm. Produced ready to hang with a unique hanging bar securely mounted on the print back, the print is seemingly lifted away from the wall enough to create a 'floating' illusion.

Production Times

These products are carefully and professionally printed (party by hand) and thoroughly inspected for optimum quality, as such they are not rushed! My lab generally produces my wall prints in 14 working days, so allowing time for me to send the full resolution image to the lab, their processing and then delivery (via UK courier) it is safe to quote 18 working days for these wall art products. 

Acrylic Quartz Lite Detail

Acrylic prints, contemporary wall art 5mm thick acrylic quartz, delivered ready to hang with a gap away from your wall for a striking 'float' effect.

(image courtesy of One Vision Imaging)