The Fine Art Print Collection

A carefully curated selection of my current print collections. Available as a select run of limited edition fine art prints, while others are available as a more affordable open edition. Both sets are handmade and custom mounted to order, while the limited editions are signed and numbered by me, along with a signed certificate of authenticity attached to the mount back.


'The Dusty Road' is an open print available in my 'Unforgotten Journeys' Collection. 

 The Limited Edition Collection

Your chance to own a fine art print from a strict limited edition series run of carefully curated collections. The price of these prints reflects the availability, and hence lower prices are available earlier in the release. Once a size or edition has sold out then it will never be reprinted.

Prints are double mounted to order (except A2 extra large which are print only) by my own hand. I prioritise quality and detail over time, but if I am in my home studio then I can usually turn around a limited edition print order in a matter of days.

Technical Details:

  • Limited edition, numbered print run
  • Hand-printed, signed and numbered by Andy
  • Signed and sealed Certificate of Authenticity for each print
  • Canon professional archival inkjet print
  • Hahneműhle Fine Art Baryta 325 gsm paper
  • 100% α-cellulose fine art print certified for archivability (ISO 9706)

"A Fine Art Print is a term used to describe an extremely high quality print. Fine art prints are often printed from digital files using archival quality inks and onto acid free fine art paper."

A Note on Print Sizes:

I quote each fine art print in standardA paper sizes (A5 to A2). However, this is the full paper size, and the image will be slightly smaller. This is to account for the differing aspect ratios I use, and also to allow a white border around the print for it to 'breath'.

Of most importance is the mount size which will be quoted after the paper size (e.g. A4 print in an A3 mount). As the likelihood is that you will be framing my prints yourself, it is the mount size that you will need to match to your frame. (Therefore, in my above example you would require an A3 frame, even if I have printed the photo slightly smaller than A4).

Note: Square ratio prints are still mounted in standard A sized mounts, and orientated in the vertical (see example, right) and so can be framed in exactly the same way.


Square cropped photographs are still mounted in standard A size mounts as quoted. Using a fine art matte style mount in the vertical orientation.

Fine Art Print Sizes:

Framed Print Example

My mounted art prints are standard 'A sizes', ready for you to easily frame at home.

Print Sizes Dimensions

Open Edition Prints

The open edition print collection is a more affordable collection of my images. They are printed to exactly the same quality as the limited edition collection, however they are not limited by quantity and hence not numbered. They form a dynamic collection of emerging images rather than the carefully curated balance of the limited edition collection.

  • Unlimited print run
  • Hand-printed, and signed by Andy
  • Canon professional archival inkjet print
  • 100% α-cellulose fine art print certified for archivability
Fine Art Print Product

Open edition fine art prints. These are the same quality print, however the unlimited print run makes these editions more affordable.

Limited Edition Print Process

Artist’s Proofs:

After each image is finalised on screen for printing, I print and examine my artist’s proofs. These are postcard-sized prints on the carefully selected paper that I check for quality, profile calibration and colour rendition to match exactly the image I wish to produce. These are then analysed, saved and archived and now serve as the reference print for every subsequent print run.

Quality Control:

Each order is printed with reference to the Artist Proof, with profiles, rendering intent, settings and calibration saved and logged in my records. Prints are inspected for quality and consistency before being sealed with Hahnemuhle fine art protective spray.


I use a professional Canon Pro-1000 fine art inkjet printer, and Hahnemuhle's fine art heavy-weight papers. 

It took me years to settle on the ideal paper of choice for my work and style. Home printing is a bit of a dark art, with multiple barriers making the transition from digital screen to paper easier said than done! After many, many hours working with various papers, settings, profiles and methods, I finally found my perfect paper. I use it for all of my print collections as it delivers the highest image quality as well as print run consistency. 


This part is also easier said than done! I don’t always use exact standard print sizes for my images, as I refuse to crop any part of my image out to fit a template. Therefore I custom mount every single print. I use standard size mount boards (using A sizes rather than traditional inches), either A4, A3 or A2. These final mount sizes never change, therefore customers are able to frame their print in a suitable standard frame size.


The final part of my print process is the signing. If the print is Limited Edition then I will number the print on the front mount and on its certificate and make a record of the number for my print run catalogue. 

Certificate of Authenticity:

Finally, each limited edition print receives a custom-made Certificate of Authenticity fixed to the back of each print mount. I produce a more detailed certificate for my limited edition series, including background information about the image and often the story behind it.

Certificates are signed, sealed, attached and delivered…

Packing & Delivery:

After one final quality check, I seal the print in an archival-standard print bag (I am currently looking into environmentally friendly alternatives for these) to protect it during transit. Prints are then carefully sealed in their corresponding strong cardboard print box and it is then time for me to bid the print farewell and post it out to it’s new home. 

Turnaround times: 

As I hope you can see from the brief outline of my print process above, this is a somewhat time-consuming process which should not be rushed. On average, a hand-made, custom mounted limited edition print takes me about 2-3 hours each. I endeavour to print and post as soon as I can, but as I work full time as an airline pilot I am often away from home. At times I could print and post that same day, other times it may be a week or two - but if the latter is the case then I will contact you after receiving your order to let you know. 


Each print is carefully inspected, and compared to archived artists proofs


Each print is handmade in a custom cut mount.  Limited edition prints are double mounted, open edition are single mounted.


Limited edition prints include a signed and sealed certificate of authenticity


Fine art prints are sleeve wrapped and carefully packaged in cardboard print sleeves.